360 videos & virtual reality

Create virtual tours with immersive virtual reality from 360-degree videos.
With the WeboBook Virtual Tour Editor, you can create virtual tours with 360 videos as well as combine them with 360 degree photos and flat photos.
You can add hotspots to 360 videos leading to other 360 videos or photos in the virtual tour, as well as to other of your virtual tours.

360-video tour features:

  • Virtual reality mode.
  • Gyroscope.
  • Hot spot.
  • Information hotspots.
  • Up to fifty 360 videos in a virtual tour.
  • Horizontal alignment of 360 videos.
  • Initial orientation of 360 videos.
  • Floor plan.
  • Animated transitions between individual 360-degree videos.
  • Automatic playback of the virtual tour with 360 videos.

Case of using virtual tours with 360 degree videos.

Virtual tours with 360 degree videos are one of the most innovative and impressive ways to present real estate. They combine the best of virtual tours with 360 photos, video tours and the opportunity for the broker or real estate seller to present the property in person.
Clients can view the property 360 degrees and switch between scenes with the presence of the broker as he presents the property.
Virtual tours with 360 video clips are also used in other areas where it is necessary to have a guide in the 360 degree scene such as museums, tourist attractions and more.

Create virtual tours with 360 videos in minutes.

WeboBook has an easy-to-use but powerful virtual tour creator.
You can create 3 free virtual tours, start now by registering on the WeboBook.
See the complete EvoVR Virtual Tour Creator documentation.

Integrate virtual tours with 360 videos on your website and share on social media.

WeboBook provides various options for integrating virtual tours into your website as well as an option for sharing on social networks.
- Manual embedding of the virtual tour via iframe.
- Automatic integration of the virtual tour via Web API.
- Direct link to the virtual tour.