Create, share and embed 360 content

WeboBook is a platform for creating 360 virtual tours. Creating, integrating and sharing virtual tours is quick and easy. Whether you need a virtual tour for a real estate, hotel, restaurant, showroom, museum or just a place, we provide all the necessary functionality.

Fast. Simple. Smart.

Build a 360 virtual tour with all the available multimedia.

360° photos

Create impressive 360 virtual tours with 360-degree photos.

360° Videos

Create immersive content with captivating 360 videos.

Flat photos

Complement the content with flat photos for better impact.

360 virtual tours for the industry


Virtual tour of Real Estate

Sample Virtual Tour of a Studio.

Real Estate Virtual Tour

3d virtual tours win more customers

The most impressive way to present real estate online, which gives the viewer the feeling of being there.

Real Estate Virtual Tour

3D virtual tours earn more views.

360 virtual tours engage customers many times more than standard presentation methods.


Virtual tour of Real Estate

Virtual tour of a two-bedroom apartment.


Virtual tour of Real Estate

Example Virtual tour of a four-room apartment.
Real Estate Virtual Tour

Virtual tours increase online engagement

The probability of interaction between the client and the broker is 300% higher with a virtual tour.

Showroom Virtual Tour

A realistic representation of your business

Allow your customers to visit you anytime, from anywhere.


Virtual tour of a furniture showroom

Sample virtual tour of a furniture showroom.


Virtual tour of a restaurant

Sample virtual tour of a restaurant.

Restaurant Virtual Tour

Let non-local prospects experience your business

One key thing that your virtual tour can do, is to give non-local prospects the ability to tour your property or business space.
Giving non-local prospects the ability to tour your space refines their search and helps them feel more confident in the decision to visit in person.

Hotel Virtual Tour

It is more than ever essential to stand out among the competition

Virtual tours help to show what sets you apart from the competition and this does not go unnoticed.


Virtual tour of a hotel complex

Virtual tour of the hotel complex with transitions to the rooms.


Virtual tour of the hotel

Virtual tour of the hotel apartment and the common areas of the hotel.
Hotel Virtual Tour

Help customers make informed decisions

Allow your customers to appreciate your place before visiting it, it will gain their trust.

Virtual Tour Museum

Show the world your historical and cultural heritage.

With 360 virtual tours, it's easier than ever for the world to learn about your amazing historical and cultural heritage.


Virtual tour of the museum

Virtual tour of the Archaeological Museum of Burgas, Bulgaria

360 Virtual Tour Editor

Powerful but easy to use. Our virtual tour editor offers a full range of features to help you build great virtual tours.

Kamen Kaludov

Until now, all presentations created in this way have been referenced to other platforms. Our team solved this problem by creating Web API for integrations into external websites and Editor and Player applications. In this way every webobook subscriber can create and display VR Tour on their own website. Thus, we significantly expand the marketing opportunities to use our service.
After registration, each customer can post up to three free VR Tours. This will convince you of the advantage of Virtual Tours and also the easy operation with EvoVR editor and EvoVR player.
Some of the features that distinguish us from such platforms are:
- Add “Contact” icon with the ability to make audio and video calls with your customer directly in the virtual tour via telephone number, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Whats App and other apps. Contact detail can be changed for each individual VR Tour – so with one account
every VR Tour can have separate broker contact details for companies with more employees.
- Adding a HotSpot “Info” with the information about the object shown in 360-degree photo- description, YouTube video, links to sites, flat photos, audio recording.
- Auto Play option on the virtual tour with speed control option.
- Ability to record the virtual tour and export it as a video ready for sharing.
- The ability for audio recording including information(10 seconds) to each photo in the virtual tour – starts automatically when the picture is opened.
- The opportunity to make photo from a specific chosen scene from the 360-degree panorama.
- Option to choose the tour’s cover photo from a selected scene in the 360- degree panorama.
- Automatic saving while editing-it is not necessary to save after every change while constructing the virtual tour.
- Ability to view with VR glasses.
- Ability to add additional buttons with references to external websites.
- The ability to put a company logo- active- you can put a link with the company’s website of the subscriber from the profile information. has a variety of Subscription Plans suitable for the needs of any business based on a monthly subscription. The options offered are according to the number of virtual tours that will be displayed on your website and depending on the option of individual assembly on your part or by our team. After choosing the subscription plan suitable for your business and an option for assembling Virtual tours, with a few easy steps you can install the WeboBook API, which includes EvoVR editor and EvoVR player.