How to Embed a WeboBook Virtual Tour

WeboBook is a platform for creating virtual tours. See the different options for embedding our virtual tours in external websites.

WeboBook is a platform for creating virtual tours with captivating virtual reality. Once you've created a virtual tour, you can integrate it into other websites, such as your favorite portals, where you post your ads, or on your personal website. In this article, we will introduce you to several options on how to integrate your virtual tours.

Embedding a virtual tour with iframe.

Embedding with iFrame is the most popular way to embed a virtual tour on another website.
This embedding method is relatively easy and is supported by many content management platforms and classified ad portals.

1. Go to the My Virtual Tours tab in WeboBook and open the desired virtual tour.

2. Click the share button.

3. A panel will appear, presenting different sharing and embedding options:

  1. Product ID: The parameter that identifies the virtual tour. Used by some websites to embed a virtual tour in iFrame. iFrame is pre-built and you only need to add the virtual tour ID from WeboBook.
  2. Direct link: The direct link to open the virtual tour. Used to embed in iFrame or simply as a link to a virtual tour.
  3. iFrame: The complete HTML code for embedding the virtual tour.

Automatic integration of virtual tours via Web API.

WeboBook provides an easy-to-use but powerful Web API for automatically embedding virtual tours. All the work of identifying the virtual tour for the specific user and the specific publication on your website is done in the background by the EvoVR Web API.
The EvoVR Web API provides the ability to embed both the visualizer and the virtual tour creator.
You can see the full guide to integrating the EvoVR Web API here.

The easiest way to share a virtual tour is to put a link to the virtual tour in the description of your ad or post. Some classified ad portals provide a special field for entering a link to a virtual tour that is displayed as a button in the ad description.