Free automatic integration of virtual tours via web API.

WeboBook provides an easy-to-use and free yet powerful Web API for automatically embedding virtual tours. All the work of identifying the virtual tour for the specific user and the specific publication on your website is done in the background by the EvoVR Web API.
The EvoVR Web API provides the ability to embed both the visualizer and the virtual tour creator.
You can see the full guide to integrating the EvoVR Web API here.

Virtual tours of your website

Whether you are a Real Estate Agency, Classifieds Portal or a Professional Photographer, this is the perfect solution!

For Real Estate Agencies

Build and publish virtual tours as you create your ad on your website.

You can use one WeboBook subscription or multiple individual subscriptions depending on your corporate structure.

Request a corporate subscription

For Classifieds Portals

Allow your users to post virtual tours in their ads.

Integrate the EvoVR web API and provide your users with immersive virtual tours.

API integration

For web portals

How can you provide your users with virtual tours from WeboBook?

Option 1: Integrate the EvoVR Web API with multi-user access option.
Integration is easy and you don't have to keep anything in your database.
The advantage of this method is that your users create virtual tours directly from your platform.
Each user can post 3 free virtual tours and will then be prompted to subscribe, as in the example here.
We have an affiliate program for web portals and provide 30% of the subscription revenue to our partners. To join our affiliate program you need to reach a minimum of 30 subscriptions.
EvoVR Web API Integration Guide
EvoVR Web API Integration Guide with Multi-User Access Option
Example embedding in a real estate web portal

Option 2: Standard integration of Evo VR Web API. This method of integration is intended for cases where all virtual tours are under one user profile in WeboBook. In this case, the EvoVR Web API will identify only one user.
You can use this method in web portals but you will need to subscribe. We offer a business subscription that has no limit on virtual tours but is limited to 100GB of storage space which is enough for about 5,000 active virtual tours.
EvoVR Web API Integration

Option 3: Integration of virtual tours with iframe. You can allow your users to integrate virtual tours from WeboBook Using an iframe.
In this case, your user needs to register with WeboBook. For each virtual tour, we provide a public sharing url that can be used to embed in an iframe as described here.
You can build an iframe and make your users enter only a Product ID or Direct link. We also provide all the html code for embedding.

Option 4: Placing a button with a link in the ad to the virtual tour from WeboBook. With this method, you need to get your users to put the public link to their virtual tour on WeboBook.
With this method, each user must register in the WeboBook, create their virtual tour and put a link to it in their ad.

If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Powerful and easy to integrate Web API

Quick and easy integration without having to make architectural changes to your website.

You don't have to keep anything in your database, all user identification work and virtual tours for a specific ad are done by the EvoVR Web API.

You place the virtual tour creator, where your ads are published and edited, and the virtual tour visualizer, where your ads appear in public.