Project MACLAB-PV. SiCellLab (ENG)

The MACLAB-PV - Improvement of R&D&I capabilities and infrastructures in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector of the Canary Islands and Senegal - co-financed by the European INTERREG MAC Programme 2014-2020, aims to optimize the scientific, technological, demonstration and innovation infrastructures and capabilities existing in the participating regions, looking for excellence in research and innovation in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. The development of this project will enable the creation of a more specialized scientific community that responds effectively to the real needs of the sector in the area of cooperation, improving its competence at the international level and facilitating a greater implementation of renewable energies. As part of the advisory and transfer of scientific-technical results aimed at both public authorities and the general population planned under the project, this Virtual Tour has been developed in coordination with the Tenerife Island Energy Agency. The SiCellLab is a state-of-the-art scientific-technological infrastructure belonging to the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy (ITER), which was originally designed to assist in the research and technological development needs of the silicon-based photovoltaic materials industry. The Maclab-PV project has enabled the acquisition of essential equipment that will enable a new line of research, based on the manufacture of medium-sized prototypes of perovskite-based thin-layer photovoltaic solar cells, which could be suitable for industrial application, through the use of print deposition techniques, as well as characterization instruments that would also allow to evaluate , quickly and objectively, its ability to produce electricity in terms of its energy conversion efficiency. For more project information: